Why should I become a RUGMARK importer?

It’s good for business. U.S. consumer demand for responsibly made products is accelerating In a national poll conducted by Marymount Univeristy, 80 percent of consumers would avoid businesses identified with sweatshops. Participating in the RUGMARK program will promote your business to an increasingly important segment of the U.S. market.

It’s a mark of industry leadership. Some of the handloom carpet industry’s most influential business leaders and innovative designers were among the first to recognize RUGMARK’s long-term potential to raise the quality of their products and build customer loyalty.

It’s the right thing to do. Child labor is still rife in South Asia. You can help end this evil by importing only RUGMARK-certified carpets from India, Nepal, and Pakistan. The RUGMARK label provides the best possible assurance that a carpet is not produced by children.

What does RUGMARK gain from my participation?

Importers are the backbone of the RUGMARK USA program. Licensed importers pay RUGMARK USA a small royalty on the carpets they import. Sixty percent of this amount is returned to South Asia to educate and train former child weavers. The remainder funds RUGMARK USA’s marketing intiatives.

What will RUGMARK do to promote my business?

RUGMARK believes in building bridges between importers who are committed to ending child labor in the handloom carpet industry and socially conscious consumers. We will energetically promote RUGMARK importers to designers, retailers, and customers.

We promote RUGMARK importers through advertising and media outreach

We provide RUGMARK importers with point-of-sale materials.

We announce new RUGMARK importers to the general and trade press.  Click here.

We list RUGMARK importers on our Web site and provide consumers with contact information.

How do I become a RUGMARK importer?

In the United States, only licensed importers are legally permitted to sell carpets carrying the RUGMARK label.

By signing the RUGMARK Foundation License Agreement, importers agree to pay RUGMARK USA a 1.75 percent royalty on the net import value (FOB price) of carpet shipments on a quarterly basis. RUGMARK USA is contractually bound to return more than half of this amount to its overseas offices to be spent on the education and rehabilitation of former child laborers. The additional amount covers the marketing expenses of RUGMARK USA.

Click here to view a sample agreement. The complete RUGMARK Foundation License Agreement is 11 pages. Companies interested in receiving a full contract may contact RUGMARK toll-free at 1-866-RUGMARK (1-866-784-6275) or